Tales of the Shattered Earth

Ivellious' Journal #2

Courting is fun. it’s always so funny to watch the humans scurry about…. I bought Cyprian and Maya a gem, but I gave the more expensive one to Cyprian ’cause i kinda feel bad about being as mean as i have been in the past, and the almost constant teasing me and Quin deal to her I feel like i owe her and after last month…. well, i suppose she might be worth looking in to in a few years.

Quin stole something, of course. that’s kind of like saying that people breathe or that humans smell like dirt. And of course he got what he stole stolen by a gnome who then sent him on some Quest wherein we apparently need to find Anabelle. just what I wanted to do, find the creepy sister of the groups resident spear-wielding washboard.

Kua-toa suck. And they hurt. AGAIN. Why is it that I always seem to be the one getting knocked out? I mean I totally had a reason for running up to it and trying to fight it! I mean, it spotted Quin and I knew if I didn’t get to it first it would be coming after him AND Cyprian! well, I suppose Maya as well, but I suppose she could have taken care of herself.

Not that it did very much. That Kua-Toa stabbed him in the arm and it looked like it hurt and he’s always been a bit frail so I was really worried. I tried to hit the creepy bastard but his skin was too tough. and then he hit me really hard and i thought i should run so i did. and then things went dark.

When I woke up Mr. Pritchard was standing over me again. then Mr. Von Carris asked us to go back into the Kua-Toa infested Barn and plant a rock and say a word so they could find where they came from… And then I told Cyprian to check her pockets (where I told Quin to plant the gem I bought her) and then we left for the barn…

And so we returned. Cyprian did something weird to Matthew and brought him back form the dead with a wand. Never heard of that. At all. Note to self: Ask Mother about that. Not going to think about that bit anymore. I had to save the Half-orc girl. I wanted to slit her throat, but there were others around. I’m tired of these fools trying to kill me. Death seemed like a more permanent solution, but apparently even that’s not quite true. I suppose I’ll have to look into a way to make sure there’s less of a chance of them coming back…

oh well. I have studying to do, I guess. I’m so tired of being weak.



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