Tales of the Shattered Earth

Matt's Journal

Session 1 – The prologue – Ice always sucks. I hate this expectation that I’m going to be a great fighter, and take on the world. I don’t want to be on the front lines like Grandfather, and I’m tired of being beaten up by my brothers. I even like the Empire, I guess. I don’t want to swing a sword and gut people and be glorious and honorable. I like the woods, and trapping, and learning about animals and stuff. I just hate that they all pick on me and beat me up and expect me to win this stupid tournament or something. So whatever. I’m going to go and shoot a bow, because I think I could do pretty well. Watching my brothers get angry because they’re terrible showed me what not to do, at least.

I like Cyp. She’s cute, and giggles a lot. She writes a lot, which I don’t get, but I think she likes to learn stuff. I heard once that that’s what books are for, and she’s always talking about one, or reading one and getting yelled at for almost breaking it. Maya’s a cow, though. She hits me a lot, too, but it’s ok. I have to see her when I see Cyp, so it’s one of those character-building things that General Grandpa is always talking about.

I guess maybe it would be ok if I was in the contest and Cyp liked how I did. Maybe I’ll be able to beat that dumb Maya and I’ll get a cool bow for Thaw.

So Maya and I didn’t fight, but it was pretty ok. I beat an even bigger cow, Maggie! It was great! She just got mad, and I stepped out of the way, and she ran right out of the ring! I tried to get her to run into Annabelle, but that didn’t work. She tripped first. So I did ok. Stick tried to cover his club in ice before we fought, and he made me bleed, but I wrestled him. So they both got kicked out of the tournament and I won both matches. My brothers told me I did ok, and that was good.

I was so happy when I tricked Maggie that I hugged Cyp, and it was kind of weird. It was kind of nice too. I wonder when the bow contest is.

After the contest it got pretty bad. The bad kids tried to kill Ivy and Cyp in the woods, and we showed up to help after Cyp started screaming about something. Whalen lost his hand when Ivy cut it off. I distracted him before it happened. Suddenly everybody was screaming, but I was the only one who could help. I stuck his arm in the snow and I cleaned Ivy where he got cut. It was terrifying, and there was blood everywhere. I’m not sure whether we did the right thing, but it seems like everybody at home is proud of me. They can’t say it though, because Whalen is hurt pretty bad.

After I made sure all the bleeding stopped, I tried to help Cyp and Stick stop screaming. Annabelle and Maggie ran off, and after [Sascha] threatened him, Stick ran off too. I never saw Cyp like that before, and it was scary. I hope she’s ok. She calmed down a little after I talked to her and hugged her quick, and I think she was better. Then Mister Pritchard came and made sure everything was ok. My brothers took Whalen away, and now people in town aren’t talking to each other the same way. I feel a little bad for him, but he cut Ivy really badly. I wish I could have stopped him.

I talked to Grandpa and Mister Pritchard a lot since then. Grandpa is proud of me. He said I did good, and I think my brothers are pretty proud of me too, but they haven’t said so. Mister Pritchard is a good man, and said that I’m a good person. Both of them said that I should keep that. I hope I never have to do that again though. I don’t want to see that much blood, and I especially don’t want to see it from my friends.

I want to forget this, but I don’t know if I should. Grandpa told me that I shouldn’t, but it’s scary.

I got a bow at Thaw. It’s beautiful, and I can hardly draw it. Grandpa said that it’s old, and very good, and that I should learn to use it really well. He’s a good person, and I’m glad that he’s still here to talk to me when I remember that day and get scared again. He’s been showing me how to use it, and I think I’m getting better every day.


Well done Journal entry! +1 BP to Gryphedor…erm I mean your DnD character! I’m excited to see how this character progresses.

Matt's Journal

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