Tales of the Shattered Earth

Von Carris Report 1

Ice, it is a cruel month frozen over and filled with little issues. Still, the village seems in good spirits this year. It has been 249 days since our last major accident in town and 600 since we’ve sighted any monsters; all in all things seem to be going well.

Ice continues to go well, today Emily Vance and The Miller Sisters helped Wade Cooper prepare the wood from the boathouse for the festivities tents. 250 days since our last accident, 601/M

Third day of ice… I once had an apprentice born on this day, tall boy. Nothing major to report on this day. Stage construction continues. 251/A 602/M

There is no entry

It seems that our monster counter has to restart… still we were able to hide the creatures presence from the children. I have locked it in the holding cells in the Manor for now. In better news the Starksmith clan has donated some funds to the city coffers in case of emergency repairs, and it has nothing to do with a bet I made SS about our current safety rate! ;) 253/A 0/M

The monster issues seem to not be related to anything, so were fairly sure it’s isolated. 254/A 1/M

Pritchard is a nice fellow, but when will he learn that bowing to other creatures for power isn’t going to end well…maybe when he’s seen what I have. 255/A 2/M

256/A 3/M
257/A 4/M

Preparation has begun in earnest for the feast and I can smell the cooking fires burning from here in the woods. The Aberrant subject I have acquired is rather primitive, being only a small mass of tentacles, still it’s physiology is quite complex. I shall have to make more accurate drawings 258/A 5M

Today… started with so much promise. sighs I should begin expecting this sort of thing shouldn’t I. Apparently one of Mel’s sons chopped the Carver boy’s hand off. I feel bad for the Carver boy but Ivellios was clearly defending the young Miss Miller. Also according to Pritchard, Vance the younger seems to be blooming into quite the man-at-arms… the general should be proud. I hate resetting these counters… 0/A 6/M



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