Tales of the Shattered Earth

Von Carris Journal

Insufferable made-up holidays, I didn’t like them back home and I don’t like them here… still i suppose I should get something for Mel, she seems insistant that bowing to the customs of these people is important.

I think i dread this month because of what it means to the children. this is when it begins, and so often i’ve seen groups of them fail, or die horribly. Still maybe this year will be different.

later in different ink———-

That insufferable fool… his interferance has once again led to chaos. I can only hope that this time he didn’t outright whisper the plan inot their ears… I feel the worst for Mrs. Miller, I think they’re the only family in town that has never… but no, we must try to let things play out , regardless of the machinations of that trickster…

much later——————————-

you would think after all of these years it would get easier. Forcing them into that cave… still they all lived, though some of the scars of that experience may have made the whole process for naught. The miller girl in particular has lost some light… as has Mels child. I hope that the strength of their friendship holds them all together… seeing this happen again makes me nostalic for home… maybe i can con mel into making some tortillas on the sly…i would kill for a burrito.



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