Tales of the Shattered Earth

Cyprian's Journal- Session 1

This is the Diary of Cyprian Miller. TOP SECRIT STAY OUT THIS MEANS YOU.
If you are still reading and you are not Cyprian Miller I hearby curse you to dream that you are covered in spiders every night for the rest of time and the spiders are poisonus and you cant die even though they bite you all the time.

11 Ice
Now that I have learned to make all letters rite I will use this diary to write down all my storys. Today is the day of darkestnoct darkestnact Darkestnacht and I am to keep out of the way while the house and garden are readied for the sellebrashun. Mabey Maya will go to the festival on the square with me. Last week she dared me to sneek out to the edge of town at night when the torches are out and I told her of corse I wouldnt because what if there are creetures who only walk in the dark? I heard once that the dark can swallow people up and I told her that but she said that she wouldnt be skared. Maya isn’t skared of anything. She even signed up for the tornemant even thow her mother said she couldnt. I wouldnt enter the tornament even if they would let me. I cant even get up the big tree in the cortyard Im so clumzy. Mabey I could give someone my faver. I dont know if it would be Matt or Ivy thow and also I dont know what a faver is really. I think its a hankercheif but youre not suposed to ask for it back and if I loose another hankercheif my mother is going to make me sow them to my shirtsleeve. Anyway I think Maya could probly beat both of them so mabey I should give it to her.
We are victoryous! Well except for Maya but that wasnt her falt because Maggie Montgomery is a halforc and I hate her. Matt outsmarted her and it was wonderful and he gave me a hug but then he realized everyone was watching and ran away. Then Ivy beat Matt which I wasnt really surprised but Matt really tried so good for him. Afterwards Ivy snuck away into the woods and I followed him and he was going off alone to weep because he is an elf and I think they are more sensitive and tortured and things. I told him I thought he did really good and then he started to run away when I was just trying to make him feel better, why cant I ever do anything right?
Oh gods the most horrible thing has happened.
When Ivy was running Maggie and Stick and Waylon and Annabel jumped us and Waylon had knives and he cut Ivy bad and then Ivy CUT HIS HAND OFF and it was in the snow and oh gods there was so much blood it was all over. I was so skared I couldnt even think straight all I could do was scream. Matt helped me up and he bandaged everyone even Waylon. He was a hero for sure. Annabel just looked at us all so cold and she left. The majistrate came and Mr Pritchard and Ivy is going to be ok but I dont understand how he could even do that. It was the worst thing I ever saw. And what is even worse is that they could do that to us and the adults didnt even do anything. Those kids didnt even get in trouble. I dont understand how any of this could of happened.

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