Advancement before 1^st^ level takes place over the course of several games, and is handled as follows.

  • Each Session all characters gain 1 Build Point
  • Each Session all characters gain 1/2 XP for that session as if they were 1^st^ level. This XP can be spent for several things. Or it may be saved for later (see below)

Progressing to 1^st^ Lvl.

Once a character gains enough Build Points (10) they immediately attain first level and loose access to their earned, unspent XP. If they have enough to level to 2^nd^ they may do so.

Spending XP

Players may also elect at the end of each session to spend their XP to increase their characters stats in a variety of ways.

XP Costs before 1st level
Benefit Cost
Heal Sanity 10 XP per Sanity Healed
Money 10 XP per 1 SP
New Skill Rank “in class” 100 XP
Auto “20” on a roll 100 XP
Build Point 200 XP
Save +1 200 XP x New Bonus
Plot Resurrection 200 XP
Base attack Bonus +1 400 XP x New Bonus
Buy a feat 500 XP per feat

Auto 20’s, Sanity Heals and Plot Resurrections are the only items which may be purchased In Media Res. All other additions must be purchased between games.

Extra Build Points

Players may earn extra XP each session by doing the following.

  • Between game’s write up an Adventure Log entry for your character.
  • more to come as I think of them…

each item will earn you 1 BP.

Level discrepancies.

Obviously it can happen that a person may reach Level 1 before the rest of the party. If that happens the Player character begins earning XP, and advancing normally. The other players then begin earning x1.25 xp and can only purchase it on plot resurrections and BP.

This is not to say however that one shouldn’t try to get to first quickly, as spells, class features and Hit Dice are all very nice things to have.

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