The calendar used by almost every sentient being is a variation of the lunar calendar of the world, whose moon phases last 3 days each. The Standard calendar throughout the empire splits the month into 23 days beginning with the last day of a new moon when the torch bearing that month’s name is lit in a large ceremony call ______’s torch passing where the name of the month is substituted for the first word.

The 12th day of each month which corresponds with the 2nd day of the full moon is when large holidays are held called Apex ceremonies, each month has it’s own apex ceremony to celebrate the gods associated with that month, or some aspect of society or culture depending on where you are.

Ancient archanists have for centuries held that each month is also associated with an alignment and it’s well known that during certain months the alignment of the planes has a specific effect focusing their energies through the lens of the moon onto the planet. p.

The Months

1 Thaw LE
2 Bloom NG
3 Courting CG
4 Rain CN
5 Sun LG
6 Thunder CE
7 Wood LN
8 Moon NE
9 Ice NN

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