Character Creation

Character Creation

Characters in this campaign all begin as children. With no levels to speak of. This beginning can help us to flesh out the character later and establish various factors, as well as add horror to the game.

The First part of character creation is to come up with a concept. The Concept will greatly flavor how your character advances before level 1.

Allowed Books : will tell you what books are okay for PC’s to reference in creating their characters. These books will remain largely unchanged from their originals so that Players may use them as references. All other books used may be modified on the fly to keep players from being able to predict the outcome of the adventure.

Starting Characters : Will tell you how to create a 0th level character to play in this campaign. Also it has the rules for advancement to 1st level.

Setting Information : Has all of the information your characters will know about the world around them. In the beginning this information will be limited, as your characters knowledge is limited. As the campaign progresses however the information will become more fleshed out.

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Character Creation

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