Setting Information


Tales of The Shattered Earth Reawakening is set in a dark fantasy world with an epic horror feel. There are strong themes of Horror, Hope and Madness. And the entire world seems like it’s hiding something. The rising tide of Aberration is barely held back by the lawful creatures and there is a constant struggle between Darkness and Light.

The game begins in the Human dominated Country of Galvania, in a small Duchy called Yarvis, in the County of Aleph which is comprised of mostly seaside fishing villages. We begin our tale in one such hamlet,Dervishire, located on the delta of the Anonack river.

It is the 11th day of the Month of Ice. A time of preparation and celebration in preparation for The Darkestnacht.

Light Vs. Darkness

One of the prominent themes of this game is Light and Darkness. In the darkness lurk all the things that man fears, and rightly so. In the light all things are given form and shape, held to laws and are made measurable and sane. In that same way the world of TotSE is steeped in a tradition of Light. Each town takes light very seriously and even their Calendar is marked by the ceremonial lighting of magical torches.

These Torchlit beacons shine throughout the land as divine symbols of law an balance. And each town and city has one. They are guarded regularly and serve as a central place for the entire town to crowd around.


Religion is a very important part of the lives of the people in TotSE. Divine magic is the only magic that does not sap the sanity of its users. Because of this the Gods and Goddesses play a large role in interactions between all races.

Legal systems

The law is upheld by local Magistrates, elected by the people of their communities, often working in tandem with Paladins assigned by the local Count. Higher issues are brought then to the Count, then the Duke, then to a High Arbiter, usually a paladin who sits in judgment over matters of state. There are Nine High Arbiters at the moment. One for each of the cardinal directions, and one to tip the scales.

Most legal issues however are handled on a town by town basis.

Setting Information

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